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BREAKING: Federal Judge Orders A Total Recount Of Alabama’s Senate Race



Judge Johnathon Wilekenmeyer of the 21st District Federal Court of Appeals has issued a standing order to the Alabama Division of Fair Elections to begin a total recount of the 2017 special election between Roy Moore and Doug Jones.

According to our source inside the Moore camp, the military and provisional ballots have been counted, which brought the vote close enough to initiate a recount but the Secretary of State refused:

“The Alabama Republican Party informed us in writing that they were conceding the race. Roy Moore’s individual concession became moot at that point. State law required us to destroy all of the electronic ballots and put them in a final tally order for certification. They’re lucky tha judge signed when he did. We were minuites from deleting that data.”

That data is safe, however, and will now be used in a recount that experts are saying might just go Roy Moore’s way now that all of the military and provisional ballots have been cast. The legalities of the ARP’s concession is another matter the courts will have to take up, but Roy Moore may have a friend or two on that circuit.

The recount is scheduled to begin Monday morning and should be completed by Wednesday.


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