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Convicted Traitor, Manning, Files to Run for US Senate in MD



Bradley “Chelsea” Manning a convicted traitor, who also hates law enforcement, has filed to run for the US Senate in Maryland. The last thing this country needs is an individual who proudly leaked sensitive intelligence documents, that put Americans lives in danger, sitting in the US Senate. Aside from the treasonous acts committed by Manning, tweets like this should automatically disqualify it from running:

Of course Leftists are coming to Mannings defense and taking offense when someone like yours truly refer to Manning as HE. Well I’m just using CNN’s logic, apple analogy, on telling the truth based on facts:

Manning at the genetic level is a man but that isn’t whats driving objection to this Senate run. The Left wants people to think anyones objection to Manning running is over gender and transphobia. No sorry, this person is dangerous, they think it’s okay to leak intel and that the police are the bad guys. You want to a run a trans person for Senate, fine have at it Virginia did it, but not this one, not a bonafide traitor.




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