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What Federal Judges Just Gave Muslims In America The Right To Do Will Chill You To The Bone



It looks like Liberals will do anything in their power just to make us feel unsafe.

Although the whole world knows that radical Islam is the cause of terrorism, Liberals still pretend that this is not it. They ignore this fact and whenever there’s a terrorist attack, they’re claiming that Muslims didn’t do it and that people are attacking them for nothing. It seems like they can’t separate peaceful people from terrorists.

Instead of protecting their own land, Liberals are bringing laws and bills in order to give more benefits to certain groups of people such as the Muslims. We’re starting to think that their main goal is to praise the violence and bloodshed.

From Breitbart:

Ten judges in Virginia have made a decision that Muslims can ask them  to change the nation’s national security and immigration policies. This can be applied whenever campaign statements in political elections are prejudiced to Muslims that live in America.

“To the extent that our review chills campaign promises to condemn and exclude entire religious groups, we think that a welcome restraint,” boasted the majority opinion, which was approved by 10 judges on the Richmond-based Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and announced May 25…

“Unless corrected by the Supreme Court, the majority’s new approach, which is unsupported by any Supreme Court case, will become a sword for plaintiffs to challenge facially neutral government actions, particularly those affecting regions dominated by a single religion.”

“Government officials will avoid speaking about religion, even privately, lest a court discover statements that could be used to ascribe a religious motivation to their future actions.”

“And, in the more immediate future, our courts will be faced with the unworkable task of determining when this President’s supposed religious motive [in the 2016 election] has sufficiently dissipated so as to allow executive action toward these or other majority Muslim countries.”

 You may agree with the judges, but you can’t look past the fact that one religion is praised among others. So what, now our leaders have to remain silent just in case some Muslim will be offended? Don’t we deserve to be protected? How come they have more privileges than other religions?
How can we confront the terrorism without mentioning the radical Islam when we all know who brought the terror attacks. We’re not saying that all Muslims are terrorists, but most of the terror attacks proved that the terrorists who did them are Muslims.

The judges are taking advantage of their power to obstruct our national security. They’re only thinking with their ‘Liberal mind’, not caring for the American people. How can we feel safe when even the President is forbidden to protect us?

I think the time has come for new judges to be announced. These despicable laws must change. We must protect ourselves and our land.

What do you think? Should America halt Muslim immigration?

Опубликовано USA News 17 декабря 2017 г.


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