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BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Clintons Tied to Child Trafficking in Haiti




While the Media pretends Haiti will die of “hurt feelings” over President Trump reportedly calling the country a “sh&thole,” lets not forget the other 2016 Presidential candidate was tied to mass corruption in the nation, stealing Haitian earthquake relief funds, and even child trafficking.

From Infowars 

Infowars Reporter Millie Weaver covers the latest in child trafficking busts which, once again, point towards the nefarious operations of the Clinton Foundation in Haiti.

Just this weekend, and a little over one day prior to a major child trafficking bust in Haiti, the Clinton Foundation announced that it would be cutting operations in Haiti.

This followed soon after the announcement that Federal Prosecutors are seeking child porn charges against disgraced Democratic Representative Anthony Wiener, the ex-husband of Clinton’s former chief of staff and vice chairwoman for the Hillary Clinton Campaign, Huma Abedin.

Less than a week ago, 474 arrests were made in a Statewide Human Trafficking bust in California which rescued 28 children and 27 adults that were victims of sexual exploitation.







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