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‘Meathead’ Rob Reiner tries to pin ‘treason’ label on Trump over Russia, hits Obama instead



As we and others reported, Special Counsel Robert Mueller signed indictments against 13 Russians who allegedly spent years trying to influence the U.S. elections.  Despite no proof showing any Americans willingly colluded with the Russians, Rob Reiner, the Hollywood leftist known for his role as “Meathead” in the sitcom “All in the Family,” tried to pin a “treason” label on President Donald Trump, but ended up hitting former PResident Barack Obama instead.
“It is now crystal clear that Russia had a profound impact on the 2016 election. They have attacked US, they are continuing to attack US. If Trump is unwilling to acknowledge this and unwilling to protect US, the word TREASON is now center stage,” he said.
A number of Twitter users eviscerated Reiner for this unbelievable statement, while his low-information supporters agreed.
As Twitchy noted, the investigation found that Russian attempts to meddle in the 2016 election began in 2014, which prompted some to remind Reiner of who was president in 2014:


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